Nanette Natal - Jazz Vocalist & Recording Artist, NYC
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Truth Is On The Wire   Sweet Summer Blue   I Must Be Dreaming   It's Only a Tune   My Song Of Something   Is Love Enough?   Lose Control   Stairway to the Stars

Truth is on the Wire is a passionate response to the pain and division that engulfs the world today. It is an urgent call for compassion and justice.

"There's a great divide, pulling deep inside and it's growing.
In the world we see, between you and me
the greed is showing.
Masked in fantasy, lost integrity
Truth is on the wire.
Secrets come undone, battles never won, the world's on fire!

Hungry babies cry, mother's children die and where's the glory?
Fight for liberty, world democracy
the same old story.
Gilded towers rise, in the golden skies
big guns for hire.
And secrets come undone, battles never won, the world's on fire!"

- N. Natal

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