Nanette Natal - Jazz Vocalist & Recording Artist, NYC
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Sweet Summer Blue is a collection of mostly original songs, which celebrate American musical traditions from Blues to Country to Bebop. It is truly an "Americana" tour.

"...earnest and credible, such a strong, distinctive singer she no longer needs to flaunt it."
- Tom Hull, Jazz Prospecting

- "'Sweet Summer Blue' is a very touching album...[Natal] always sings well...this CD is poignant in its simplicity and sincerity."
- Michel Bedin, France

"It is an amazing piece of work...beautiful tunes."
- Bernd Niedergesaess, Radio 42, Germany

"Beautiful. It is an amazing piece of art."
- Wilfried Haesen, VRT Radio, Belgium

"Nanette Natal has a vibrant and polished singing style and her vocal technique is excellent, but she never uses it merely for effect...On [Sweet Summer Blue], Nanette again brings her insightful talent to bear on a wide range of musical styles...'Silver Night' and 'Deep in My Memory' [are] two very memorable tracks to which I shall often return."
- Bruce Crowther, Jazz...and Other Obsessions, UK


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