Nanette Natal - Jazz Vocalist & Recording Artist, NYC
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Truth Is On The Wire   Sweet Summer Blue   I Must Be Dreaming   It's Only a Tune   My Song Of Something   Is Love Enough?   Lose Control   Stairway to the Stars

"...Nanette Natal could easily coast on her impressive range, but she doesn't; instead she takes intrepid sojourns from slick jazz into blues and soul..."
- TimeOut New York

"...Nanette Natal continues to explore the myriad possibilities of the voice as a jazz instrument and how it can be used to express human emotions and feelings through song..."Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean" combines the theatrics of Sarah Vaughan and the sassiness of a Ruth Brown piece. Facile instrumentation once more comes into play...This one is quite breathtaking... Natal continues to demonstrate her ability to arrange familiar material altogether differently without it sounding contrived or forced... recommended album."


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